Cholesterol Myth – Inflammation Is The Real Enemy & my fat as fuel KETO experiences

Have a look below at this interesting video. Nice to see that my going ketogenic gets some public validation. Research has proven this for many years. Now it is on the news.

I wrote earlier about cholesterol in food not being the culprit (see here). Now, things go further – Now, we need cholesterol and it protects us. So happy this starts to come out, and becomes discussible. Studies have proven this for decades, and now the cat is out of the bag. Tough to explain to “patients” by doctors, why did they prescribe the drugs that cause muscle issues and forgetfulness and lower this good stuff called cholesterol?

Carbs cause inflammation

So now confirmed, carbohydrates and sugar cause inflammation. 30% of white adipose tissue is actually immune cells. which churn out inflammatory compounds that create havoc and stress throughout the body, including the plaques. Want more reasons? Sugar is definitely the ONLY food for cancer cells, a good reason to avoid it. And even if you are diagnosed with diabetes II, and believe you can simply inject your sugar away, think twice. The sugar gets stored in fat cells. I caramelizes your proteins, producing AGEs. Think: Without the sugar, you will need a lot less insulin – or even none at all. As the doctor in the video says – high cholesterol might be a good thing.

I feel sorry for all those people with a genetically high cholesterol level, thinking all along that this is a problem. They might have been eating “healthy,” fruit, cereals, bread without butter – while the culprit is the inflammation caused by the carbohydrates and an overdose of the wrong (cheap) fats, not the cholesterol.

Going KETO

I started paying attention to sugar when I was born – as you know, my father became diabetic when I was born (driven by the pastries of an uncle, who was a terrific pastry baker, I was told.) At any rate, kept my weight until my fifties, when suddenly things went upwards. After revisiting Dr. Atkins’ new diet revolution, going over more that 35 diets and studying more than 50 books on diets and nutrition, I shifted to the ketogenic lifestyle. Never felt better. More energy, no more brain fog, feeling satiated, no more hunger pangs between meals.  Highly recommended – 10 out of a scale of 1-10 – meaning I am a promotor, as you have noticed.

Ketogenic means using healthy fat as main fuel source. It gets converted in so-called keto bodies, which are happily and efficiently used by muscles, brain, organs – you name it. Once converted to this state, your brain is happy with it, too, and the little sugar it then still needs, your liver can make from the protein you eat.

Change Management challenge

There is a challenge – the one to make the change. As coach, and former change manager I am particularly sensitive to that. As soon as you start this, your old programming will complain – in your mind and in your body. Down the change curve you go! And then your friends, spouses and family – they will want to get you committed to an institution! This requires total “umdenken.” Your body has been used to getting fed carbohydrates, so needs to adjust the chemistry, which takes about 2-3 weeks. This also requires attention, as carbohydrates are everywhere. In some canteens I have been in, the nutritionists are still in the 1980’s, selling bread all over the place, and the cooks do not seem to know better yet, either.

Ignorance is no longer bliss. Get informed, because it means making a healthy difference.

A rough guideline to going “KETO:”

  • Eliminate carbohydrates to low amount of 30-50 gram per day. (Alcohol is almost energetically equivalent to carbohydrate, so counts also – sorry!)
  • Increase healthy fat (including saturated fat) to 70-80% of your calorie intake.
  • Limit protein intake to about 1 gram per kg bodyweight (1 gram per 2 lbs, approximately – note that meat and fish are about 25% protein.)
  • No real need to calorie count (you will eat to satiety and that will be less than you do now,) however once you are at your ideal weight you will realize that eating more than you need, may lead to weight gain.
  • Check with your physician when you use diabetes therapies or are diagnosed with other metabolic dis-eases. You might have to lower the dosages.

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Cholesterol myth – inflammation is the real enemy – This is a fabulous snippet from CBN which explains why we should no longer fear cholesterol and saturated fats, but instead inflammation is the real enemy. The Cholesterol Myth explains this further, but this clip pretty much summarises the issue. Inflammation is caused by processed foods, omega 6 fats,…

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Hope you liked this remarkable find and that it may make you act different today or even sooner!


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