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Hello, welcome to richarddelaat.com.

My name is Richard de Laat.

I have taken the initiative for this site to share ideas about how to deal with everyday challenges and stay healthy and happy.

Until early 2014, I worked at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, a globally operating pharmaceutical company as an IT Organizational Change manager.

Any statements I make on this site represent my own personal ideas, views or opinions, and in no way represent F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd.

Purpose of the conversation in this blog is to share ideas I developed over the last 20 years concerning a holistic view on life, health and happiness. An important driver for creating this site is the fact that recently my brother and sister died from lung cancer – being only a few years older than myself (My parents also died of lung cancer.)

When then I was made redundant in the middle  of that, I knew there is a purpose in anything that happens in life.  Now that I am  on “garden leave” (early retirement – and happy about that), there is a chance to share all that I have learned over the years.

All in life starts with Awareness. A Hawaiian kahuna once said: “In Life you have to pay attention, or you pay with pain.” It starts with being aware of what to pay attention to. Many of us life in a state of unconscious incompetence – we do not know what we do not know. While that may be a state of bliss – it is also a dangerous place, because you may take decisions with ignorance about the consequences.

So expect to be informed, enlightened, confronted with thoughts, ideas and information that helps you to make wise choices in life. Because wisdom is the learning from experience, without the emotions attached.

For me that means sharing a combination of empirical theory, practice and, if you will, philosophy, e.g.

  1. Frameworks, relevant for various life contexts (health, family, finance, fitness, hobby, spirituality)
  2. Practical tools
  3. Perspectives
  4. References and resources

Together with comments and other inputs, I would like to help you to pursue a healthy, happy and long life.

Do let me know your thoughts and inputs!

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  1. Ina hoorn says:

    Hebben in feb iemand gesproken die contact heeft gehad met u over een oogmelanoom. Je zou iets kunnen innemen ter voorkoming hiervan en graag zouden wij hier over iets willen weten. Het ging om lijnzaad en een soort (zonnebloem)olie

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