What to Do in Corona – COVID-19 Times?

What to Do in Corona – COVID-19 Times?

What to do in Corona / COVID-19 times?

I get this question a lot:  What is going on? What should we do? I am overflooded with information. I am locked up!

Schützen Sie sich - stärken Sie Ihr Immunsystem covid-19 What to Do in Corona - COVID-19 Times? Schutzen Sie sich vor COVID 19


Protect yourself - strengthen your immune system covid-19 What to Do in Corona - COVID-19 Times? Protect yourself from COVID 19


Protégez-vous - renforcez votre système immunitaire covid-19 What to Do in Corona - COVID-19 Times? Covid19 Protect French


First, to be sure – Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor. Always follow instructions from your medical advisor, governmental guidance, etc. See also my disclaimer on this site.

Now, the internet is full of conflicting information. One thing is for sure – this COVID-19 event is unique in how it was approached, and how statistical information is used to create a case for a pandemic. This had little to do with epidemiology (the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health..) By showing numbers of infected people, and the number of “deaths by corona”, in my humble opinion, we got dished up an unbelievable story, that continues today.  Notice the keywords – Incidence, and Distribution.

FAKE, or just Groupthink?

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How this all started – there are many stories going around. All of them claim the other to be FAKE. Harvard Professor arrested Canada, Chinese who bring the virus to China, Wet markets and bats as the root cause. 5G is on the rise as well. Once the Chinese started to call out the numbers of “infected” and “died” this thoughtform took hold and we ended up with global groupthink. The scary “Red Ball Graphics” from Johns Hopkins of confirmed cases are now traveling the newsfeeds, and we look for the moment that the increase reduces. However, first – where were these graphs at the last flu epidemic, and second, where are the figures about incidence and distribution?

Where are the COVID-19 Incidence and Distribution figures?

Incidence and distribution mean what we know how many people have a certain disease – normally expressed in the number of people per 100.000 people. Distribution relates to how the incidence spreads over age ranges, gender, location. We have not seen any of that – it starts to emerge slowly – now that we are 3 weeks in a global lock-up. Governments are still totally at a loss as to what to do and are running after irrelevant data like a cat after a laser pointer, regrettably led by medical advisors who should know better.

covid-19 What to Do in Corona - COVID-19 Times? Cat in 2020 04 05 2305

I wonder how it is possible, that basic approaches we have used for decades, suddenly are thrown out of the window. When you suddenly leave out the most important information, the McNamara fallacy comes to mind – see also my post on this hobbyhorse of mine – you know, one of the issues when we are looking for key performance indicators or KPIs. For years, the USA thought that they were winning in Vietnam, by counting body bags. See the similarity?  We now only look for Infected people, and worse, people who allegedly died of COVID-19.

How do we know who is infected – the testing fallacy?

Well, here we get to the core of the problem. We don’t know who is infected, until we test. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Now, actually, this is new. Because in previous epidemics, we really hardly did so. Flu? We usually establish that by looking at the symptoms.

Symptoms of influenza (wikipedia)

What is odd – that in the case of COVID-19 – we solely go with testing. And who do we test? People with clear symptoms of Coronavirus (to which family the flu virus belongs as well). We also tell people with symptoms to stay at home, until it gets really bad. So we get figures of people tested – of which most have the Coronavirus symptoms – not because we went door-to-door to test people and find out how many are healthy, how many have the virus and find out the incidence? That could tell us about the real risk of getting infected, and of dying.

No, we cannot – because WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TESTS (?). And, because the CDC created and distributed tests, however, they found out that they did not work – see “Why the CDC botched their tests”. Then tests got approved in super-speed so we could test. Another challenge? These tests are claimed to have a high false-positive rate, i.e. they give a positive outcome – because they are super sensitive, and even the smallest piece of any coronavirus can give a positive – it does not even have to be a COVID-19, or, even as you may have already have healed, have antibodies, but a few bits and pieces are still in your body.

Think: how would that go down with a pregnancy test?

Next COVID-19 Challenge – who dies from COVID-19?

Now – when we see the figures about who died, we have to realize that we have a systematic overreporting of people dying from COVID-19. Co-morbidity is the keyword. In Italy, 99% of people had co-morbidities, meaning they had pre-existing conditions, like obesity, diabetes 2, and cardiovascular conditions. Some report that only 1% or even 17 people died of COVID-19 (mind you, the tests cannot tell conclusively). Oh, and btw, the average age was around 79-80. Other reports talk about people who died of cancer, got labeled as COVID-19. Other Instructions: Unless shot or car accident – label death as COVID-19. So, we can conclude, that the numbers are exaggerated, and still do not tell us anything about the incidence, three weeks in this adventure, which develops in an economic disaster.  Also interesting – as of today – the media start to mention co-morbidity; it is now so obvious, that they did not pay attention, that it becomes embarrassing.

How is this COVID-19 different from the “normal Flu”?

Some have asked that question – avoided however in the “official Media” – why is this different from the normal flu, of which many more people have died in preceding years? One answer is – it is not that different. However, the facts are missing – and the topic seems to be avoided right now. Many people die from the annual flu. Many people will die of the current coronavirus, and what we do know, is that pre-existing conditions are a real risk factor.

Everything hinges on the assumption of flattening the curve. Based on theoretical models of how many people get the coronavirus, how many will end up in the hospital, and will need respirators. So when we stop the spread – the peak will be lower, and we can spread it over time. Now, there is a flaw in the whole assumption around this model:

Missing Data about this “pandemic”:

  1. How many people have (had) the virus overall to date.
  2. How many people had it, now have antibodies and will never have it again.
  3. How many people have symptoms
  4. How many people have the virus, without any symptoms
  5. How many people die of the virus (only)

What we do know, is that people end up in the hospital right now, and die when they have a set of pre-existing conditions and are advanced in age. Still inconclusive – whether COVID-19 is the cause.  A good development right now is that tests are being developed to find out, whether you have antibodies. When you have them – you could be safe going back to work, serve people in your shop. Risk: in Germany, they want to make such tests obligatory. What happens in case you do not have the antibodies? Obligatory vaccines?

Hospitalizations, anyone?

There is controversy about the number of hospitalizations.  Today, some are reporting the numbers are going down. Some, that they keep going up. In view of the confusing number game I just described, we can say one thing: We are comparing apples with oranges. While the “official Media” show us hospitals full of patients (some re-using pictures of totally different countries) – people have gone out in city hospitals to find empty waiting rooms, empty IC departments (see: FilmyourHospital). In Switzerland, one doctor in a hospital came on television to explain that people with non-corona conditions do not turn up in the hospital anymore – showing total empty waiting rooms, and pledging that people should come because otherwise, they might get worse.

Ventilators, anyone?

Everything about the corona-virus focuses on the end-stage of the disease – where the lung is flooded due to an overactive and ineffective immune system. The alveoli (lung bubbles that take in and push out air) fill with water, and you are kind of drowning. (I like the sponge explanation shown here by Duc C. Vuong, but don’t agree with the conclusion). It seems the immune system is overactive but ineffective. So the preferred therapy right now is to use hyperbaric oxygen, for which you need ventilators that help you get more oxygen. Besides that, you get cortisone, (stopping your immune reaction), strong antibiotics, HIV antiviral drugs and a lot more. Despite that, many people die, once they are in this condition.  It seems to me – we are pretty clueless about what to do. Perhaps hence that the Lancet is putting out a call for papers.

The avoided question – how can we prevent getting the symptoms?

Asking why 5 times helps to get to the root cause of our problem. I will do that more systemically in a future post. Today, we already get stuck on question number 1- what can be done to prevent this problem? Surprisingly, with all the daily television broadcasts, this question, and the answer is avoided like the proverbial plague. Why is this question avoided? Is there no solution?

The focus is remarkably on what we may have a year from now – a vaccine – very much in line with the annual flu vaccine business. Now I do not want to address the VAXX conversation – perhaps another time. Many parties from B i l l G a t e s (W H O) , Z u c k e r b e r g and a whole circus of commercially interested people are hoping for a piece of that franchise – imagine, a live long patent on something, for which you do not have to prove efficacy nor are liable for damages. A holy grail stream of income.  However, there are people who go for the most obvious solution – strengthening your immune system, something you can do starting tomorrow.

Improving the odds – strengthen your immune system.

The co-morbidity data around the coronavirus give a good indication about where the problem lies – your immune system. When you are old, live in an area with heavy air pollution (China, north Italy, and other places), are overweight, have diabetes, or coronary disease, smoke – there is a common denominator: a lot of inflammation in the body, an already overactive, ineffective immune system that is at its limits. Add one more virus – and things go wrong.

So steps you can take to reduce your risks long term:

  • Step 1 – eat healthy food, lose weight, stop smoking and all the things we postpone until it is too late.
  • Step 2 – avoid toxins – harder to do nowadays, with pesticides, glyphosate in drinking water, beer, wine, chips, i.e. everywhere.

Now, is there anything we do tomorrow to increase the odds?

Adding the missing pieces to strengthen your immune system.

Now, others, like e.g. Prof. Dr. Coimbra from Sao Paulo (“the Coimbra protocol”, and Dr. Brownstein, of whom you have seen other posts – breast cancer context – from me on this site (search for iodine), have looked at what I like to call the “missing pieces”.  Another vivid proponent is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who explains well what the root problem is. Your immune system cannot do its job without these. We do not have a crisis because of a lack of Vaccine, as explained also by Dell Bigtree with his rice model.  Is it a wonder we have a problem?

Professor Coimbra has been successfully treating so-called chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis and others with vitamin D3. Not just yesterday, but for over 16 years. He clearly explains the role of the immune system, and how the hormone vitamin D is critical for regulating the immune system. (my previous post ) and his very active FB Group with great testimonials and posts about studies proving the benefit of using high doses of vitamin D: “in over 20 long term care facilities. So with older people living in assisted living and nursing homes, and actually found that giving vitamin D-deficient individuals high doses of vitamin D, reduces their risk of getting respiratory viral infections by 40%.” Others also reported on the potential of vitamin D3: Research from Trinity College Dublin has found that Vitamin D could be beneficial to older adults who are ‘cocooning’ during the current coronavirus pandemic.

covid-19 What to Do in Corona - COVID-19 Times? vitamin D Denver n

Globally, we have a very serious issue of too little vitamin D:

  1. partly geographically caused by lack of sun,
  2. partly because e.g. women in Iran and Afganistan cannot expose themselves to the sun,
  3. partly because we are avoiding a healthy dose of the sun because of a skin cancer scare since the 1980s.

Now you would expect the world would jump at the occasion and start using vitamin D3. To the contrary. Only through a network of volunteering doctors around the world, who pay their own trip to visit professor Coimbra for a week and learn about his protocol can bring it to their patients. e.g. a famous MS – institute, Nieuw Unicum in the Netherlands refuses to give their 300 live-long “guests” vitamin D3, the consulting neurologist “feels the dose is too high” Regrettably, a school time friend of mine is waiting there to die, as many others out there, being refused proper and promising treatment.

Dr. Brownstein has for many years focused on natural treatments for a range of thyroid and sex-hormone related diseases. (I have written about my personal excellent experience in various posts on this site.) In his experience, vitamin D3, K2, C and A (can also come from Cod Liver Oil) help to strengthen the immune system, together with magnesium (citrate) – see also my post here. In his recent posts “how to nebulize”, he also describes how you can use a nebulizer to get local treatment of your lung with hydrogen peroxide H2O2 alternating with iodine (Lugol’s solution) in a physiological salt solution.


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is on a similar and also different path. (Ayyadurai holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Ph.D. in biological engineering, and is a Fulbright grant recipient.[9] ) He explains well in this video how the immune system works systemically, and that the vaccines are definitely not the thing to wait for. He also addresses the political side of the current crises and runs for senate in this year’s elections.


So what do I take to improve my immune system, Richard?

I do not know what you take, I can tell you what I do, and recommend “you do your own research and talk to a knowledgeable health care professional” (see the disclaimers).  I am, and my whole family is taking:

Vitamin D3 – 20.000 IU per day. When I feel my throat, or have swallowing pains*, I take 100.000 IU, 3 days in a row.

Vitamin K2 – 200 micrograms a day – see my post here on that – activates the proteins, that vitamin D triggers in its hormone function.

Vitamin C – 1 gram, 2x a day, of a time-released version. In case of infection, follow Dr. Brownstein’s advice in the video above – 1 gram every hour, until loose stool, then take less per hour. I would take a liposomal vitamin C version myself – which absorbs really well and keeps a more steady blood level. You can make it in your kitchen.

Vitamin A – about 10.000 IU per day – in the form of Cod Liver Oil (a tablespoon per day)

Magnesium Citrate, 4-6 grams a day. (read my post about it here as well) Note – spread over the day, or you lose it within 20 minutes as you race to the toilet.  This is needed to help the vitamin D3 and is used in 700+ other processes in your body.

Nebulizer – in case I get symptoms (see above under flu symptoms) then I will do as Dr. Brownstein describes in his recent posts “how to nebulize” I got myself the Beurer model (amazon.de).

* When I feel my throat, or have swallowing pains – I immediately start gargling with hydrogen peroxide 3% after brushing my teeth and tongue(with an ultrasonic toothbrush, of course), 2x a minute – do not swallow. That usually makes it go away in 2 days. Note: this is your first line of defense – it always starts in the mouth/throat area. As the Kahuna said: in life, you have to pay attention, or you pay with pain”. Pain tells you, something to pay attention to.

I hope this helps to answer your questions. Expect updates to this post. Still questions – feel free to hit me up on the chat of this site!

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    Thanks for putting this all in one spot. Great info. Stops that feeling of helplessness.

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    Think: how would that go down with a pregnancy test???? you either are or you aren’t ???

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