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I feel very related to Karen Thomson, like her I have been contemplating to retrain as a nutritionist. I have found however, that after going through 50 books on nutrition and metabolism, I am getting a good feel for what Low Carb, High Fat (or rather, Low Carb, Healthy Fat) means for our weight, energy, and foremost maintaining health until old age. Once you realize you can start to have a healthy gut again, no more leaking gut and therefore reducing or eliminating autoimmune disease, it is really a no brainer (to keep your brain – no pun intended!)

Libby writes: The Sugar Free Show So I finally said yes to my first interview. These lovely ladies from The Sugar Free Show were delightful to chat to. Karen Thomson is the founder of Sugar Free Revolution and has also written a book “Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction”, and, together with Prof Tim Noakes, has launched and hosted The First International LCHF Health Summit which was a phenomenal success. She is one of South Africa’s leading voices and advocates on LCHF. Emily Maguire is a qualified nutritionist and founder of Low Carb Genesis. Emily holds a BSc in nutrition  with an MSc in obesity science and management.

I feel honoured to be interviewed by The Sugar Free Show. Past interviews have included Prof Tim Noakes, Damon Gameau from That Sugar Film, Gary Fettke, Dietician Cassie, and Jimmy Moore.

So take a look and see how Ditch The Carbs got started and see what’s coming up? There are  few plans in the pipeline, but what would you like to see next?

Liffy’s top 3 tips for a sugar free life:

  1. Not to keep junk, processed and sugar foods in the house.
  2. Enjoy doing different, new things, recipes, and start cooking again
  3. Be proud of how far you are (given up one thing, then take another step)

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Hope you liked this curious find and that it may make you feel different today!

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