The Quest For The Cures – New Episodes

The Quest For The Cures – New Episodes

As you know, my family, like many others, has been marred by the experience with lung cancer, which in essence caused the death of my father, mother, brother and sister. They  followed the “main stream protocols” with predictable outcomes of debilitation and finally death. 

I have been taking a different tack in my life, to do what “alternative” medicine has been saying for a long time. Living a sugar-free, ketogenic life, and by studying nutrition, finding out what is really making a difference in terms of nutritious foods and supplements.

I think you should look at the work from Ty Bollinger. The outcomes that he documents for cancer patients should be at least on your radar. That prevents the “McNamara Fallacy” in your life: Thinking that there is one mainstream measure health, in the hands of your General Practitioner or Specialist.

You will find out that there is a whole world out there with solutions, that they will not tell you. They might even give you sugar (Mars bars, toffee) while having chemotherapy, which is a disgrace, if you ask me. Even an oncologist knows that cancer can only live on sugar. What are they thinking, one wonders. 

Learn and be empowered in your decisions! 

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I seek the difference that makes the difference for challenges in life. For me, that means learning, getting out of the comfort zone, often rocking the boat with sacred cows. Pharmacist with IT business degree and certified coach, trainer, hypnotherapist. Dutch born Swiss Citizen.

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