The Corona no-hospital Protocol Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D.">The Corona no-hospital Protocol Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D.

<span lang =The Corona no-hospital Protocol Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D." title="The Corona no-hospital Protocol Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D." />

Working Corona Protocols that keep you out of hospital!

Xmas Eve, 2020 – what a great present we’ve got! Working treatments for the CCP Virus, as it is called. Two therapies, that will keep you out of the hospital, provided, the doctor is allowed to prescribe them! In some countries, it is the standard treatment.

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor, and am sharing what I learned from what doctors around the world have shared. Always check with a trusted health care provider. Under the current circumstances, that may be your biggest problem.  At any rate, for what it is worth, this is what I do.

What happens when you get Corona symptoms?

corona The Corona no-hospital Protocol  Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D. Coronavirus Symptomen 0The first thing that happens when you get symptoms (you get really, really dead-tired – you do not want to walk to the toilet anymore, and you lose taste and smell, you develop a fever, feel like your “head is on fire”) you may call your GP. S(he) will tell you to get tested and stay away. The last thing they want is to get you into the practice. Next, IRRESPECTIVE of the test outcome, you need to go in quarantine. (length varies by country and week, totally serendipitous).  And, you do not get any prescription or advice as to what to do… (why one should wonder).

Will you be treated?

corona The Corona no-hospital Protocol  Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D. Depositphotos whoman in Hospital 349567828 xl 2015 25

An infected patient in quarantine lying in bed in hospital, coronavirus concept.

So no prescription or advice. Just stay at home when you think you have Corona. And when things get worse, you may be able to call – and will be sent to the hospital for observation. Because that is our experience today in many countries – you do not get treated for Corona, when you end up in the hospital. Then, you are part of a roulette game. Depending on the current political agenda, you may get treatment. It may be the wrong treatment as well. Will they give you want is known to work?  In many countries, unlikely. You may end up on the conveyer belt to the graveyard, with one stop in between – the Intensive Care Unit. Because – depending on where you are in the hospital, you will be worth more to the hospital. No Covid – lowest payment, Covid – more payment, Covid on the ICU – bingo! Top score. And when you die, it is likely to be of, or with Covid. In that case – depending on the country, you may get offered a sum of money in case you agree with Corona as the cause of death.

So, what is your strategy going to be?

So, in order to achieve a better outcome, what will your strategy be? First off, why get tested? Because that is a trap, with no way out. That is the start of a funnel with a bad outcome, as you do not know whether you can trust your GP or hospital (people get called in Holland – “you are positive” even when you did not get tested for Corona!). Once you are in the system, you are out of control. Unless, like an acquaintance of ours, you simply walk out of the hospital. When you can do that – you did not have the virus anyhow. In case you can’t, check whether you get the treatments described below. When you don’t, tell your family and friend to get you out of there asap and find a doctor that is not part of this genocide conspiracy. Because that is the situation – many people have died unnecessarily since April 2020, when dr. Zelenko published the solution that works. They will hide behind “it is not proven with clinical studies”. That is a lie, trust me.

Therapies that work – and prevent it to start with.

What does work for Corona? Well, you can start with prevention, using vitamins and supplements. I wrote about that already in my post in April. See link here. That is still valid. I use that approach all the time – we take our vitamins and supplements with the morning coffee, and I do not worry at all, because vitamin D3 and vitamin A (from cod liver oil) have strong protective properties, vitamin C, zinc and selenium as well.

What to do when you get the “Corona” symptoms?

And should you find yourself with Corona symptoms, increase the Vitamin D3 to 100.000 IU per day, 3-4 days in a row, take vitamin C 1 gram every 20 minutes until you get diarrhea – then go back to 1 gram an hour; increase the zincbiglycinate to 3x 25mg a day, and start taking bakingsoda (sodiumbicarbonate) – a gram every two hours (in a glass of water) to make yourself alkaline, which protects your lungs and kidneys. My sister-in-law got her Corona in check this way within 4 days, and a friend of our daughter as well; the loss of taste and smell, typical of this virus, took many weeks to slowly return to normal.

What is the Zelenko Hydroxychloroquin triple therapy?

Since early March 2020, Dr. Zev Zelenko started treating his corona patients in NYC with a combination of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ, an anti-malaria medicine, also used to treat lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic diseases.), zincsulfate, and the antibiotic azithromycin. corona The Corona no-hospital Protocol  Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D. ZevZelenkoScreenshot 2020 12 26 170907(Link: Article in NYT) His results were amazing, however, criticized at the time as “unscientific”. A lot happened in since then – including studies with only HCQ in too high doses that did not work – however in October 2020, just before the US elections. the AMA (American medical association) suddenly “approved” of the use of the HCQ combination. The whole discussion was very politically driven (President Trump used the combination and promoted it, which triggered the democrats to block it, including the tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, who started blocking and “fact-checking” this Corona treatment – to make sure Trump would get the blame for more deaths). Now that they believe mr. Biden will win, they want to make sure he gets wind in the back for his “Corona successes”.


Recently, a lot has been written about IVERMECTIN, after Pierre Kory, M.D., gave a testimony before Congress about its effectiveness and safety on 8 December 2020. You can download the testimony document right here in English, German and Dutch

India’s home Covid Kit

My Facebook friend Dr. Lane Sebring, M.D. posted another article about Corona treatments in India. The country with the most infections, but the least deaths in comparison to other countries.

He wrote: “Finally someone is thinking. Best and only rational strategy yet. What prevented us from doing that? I advise all doctors to do what we do in our clinic. My current patients call me as soon as they think they have it and if I think they do, I treat them immediately with a variation of the formula below. No hospitalizations so far”.

corona The Corona no-hospital Protocol  Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D. 202012 Indian Treatment CovidKit

Lane’s Covid protocols.

At my request – Lane shared the Corona protocols he uses:

formula 1 -HCQ – in first 4 days of symptoms

Hydroxychloroquine 200mg tab 2 po bid day one and qd x4days with either azithromycin 500mg/day x5days or doxycycline 100 bid x 5days and zinc 150mg qd with food x5days

formula 2 – IVERMECTIN – even works when you are already sick with covid.

The same as formula 1), except using hydroxychloroquine use ivermectin 3mg tab 1tab/30 lbs on days 1,3 and 28. The added advantage is it works even when a patient has been sick with covid for several days whereas with HCQ is best in the first 4 days of symptoms.

I do not require testing of my patients for three reasons, the test is inaccurate, the side effects of treatment are very low and I don’t want to delay treatment.

Zinc can cause nausea especially because some formulations are more highly absorbed so I stick with 150mg across the board. daily for 5 days.

You can also add vitaminD3 10,000 iu to 100,000 iu/day for 4 days and then vitamin C 2-4,000 mg/day throughout the course of the infection.

You should now be well equipped to prevent, and when needed, treat a “corona” infection. No need to worry about being hospitalized, provided you take measures right now.

  1. Start with the “prevention” combination right away. This reduces your chance of getting significant symptoms ever significantly – it will keep you far healthier anyhow in the northern hemisphere’s winter.
  2. Find out whether your doctor will prescribe one of the two formulae’s should you have serious symptoms. According to Dr. Zelenko, the therapy should work also for the suddenly emerging “new strains of Corona”.

How about the Novel mRNA Vaccines?

The jury remains out as to what this “coronavirus” really is. The virus was never isolated, the PCR tests are unspecific and too sensitive, and we all should wonder why anti-malaria and anti-parasitic therapy work against this virus. Trillions of dollars have been invested in an mRNA vaccine – a novel approach with zero experience in humans, while there are cheap working solutions.

After looking at the ingredients of those vaccines – no hair on my head would ever consider taking the vaccine, as its working mechanism is based on an internal battle in my body – on the one end my DNA is changed to produce a foreign protein, towards which my immune system will create antibodies. Sounds like a prescription for an autoimmune disease to me. On the one hand, we want to avoid gluten, so we do not have an immune reaction – and then we should take such a vaccine that puts us in a constant state of autoimmunity? No thanks, I’ll pass.

Corona Hoax?

The corona “hoax”, as Trump called it very early on, some sources say was planned and very well orchestrated across the world (Plandemic – Link). Corona, – in essence a bio-weapon – has created many deaths – less than reported due to falsification of the death certificates, and less than the avian flu in 2018 in many countries. Many of the deaths could have been prevented when we would have used working treatments and avoided the wrong treatments, like ventilators, as we found out in the meantime. Nevertheless, the Main Stream Media  “fear communication” has caused us to stop the economy, force people to wear ill-making masks, and lock them up in their houses – all without any scientific leg to stand on.

Pharma companies are racing against the clock – as coronaviruses are known to get less virulent over time quickly – in case they are not fast enough, it will all peter out and the business case for a vaccine is gone. Regrettably, they try to let us believe that we need a new vaccine every year for new “mutations” (there have been over 5 strains from the beginning…)

“It’s all Elementary my dear Watson”

At the bigger picture level, we are dealing with the WEF Great Reset, and Agenda 2030 of the UN. Corona is used as an excuse to get us all in compliance mode and align with the new global social, CCP driven agenda. Now, talk in the IMF is about creating a USA social credit score, like in communist China. (Link). Big Tech is supporting this agenda and is censoring information you are not supposed to know. This makes it also clear, how politics got so heavily involved in the “new flu”, and why the WHO has been rewriting definitions of “pandemic” (removing the requirement of the #of deaths) and recently changed the definition of herd-immunity (now focusing on the need of global vaccination and removed naturally acquired immunity ). This is no longer about our health.

corona The Corona no-hospital Protocol  Drs. Zelenko, M.D. & Kory, M.D. Depositphotos 369008370 Hippocratic oath xl 2015 25

African doctor with red uniform on a yellow background

There is a bright light though, – Global alliances of doctors and lawyers are speaking up. Lawsuits in Portugal and Italy have stopped the nonsense, and others are underway – Hopefully, more doctors will remember their Hippocratic oath and start treating people with simple low-cost medicine, rather than following a political agenda and injecting vaccines, the safety of which they have no clue. Because when politics start to determine how we stay healthy using a global communistic agenda, we are in deep trouble, and frankly, in my humble view, we are right now.

Make sure you take your health into your own hands – currently, you cannot really trust your health care providers, I regret to say.

And in case they want to force vaccination upon you, ask them to sign the accountability letter, where they take full responsibility. (Link to follow).

In case you have any questions, please let me know.

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