Dr. John Gray: Addiction, Sexuality, & ADD – #222

Dr. John Gray: Addiction, Sexuality, & ADD  – #222

John Gray is one of my favorite authors. I recommend him in my couple and family coaching, simply because so many relationships are based on false assumptions.

My wife and I met him in the 90’s at the Tony Robbins’ Mastery University program we were doing.

Marvelous speaker, hilariously funny when he talks about his career move from monk to sex therapist, and his Mars and Venus books have definitely saved our marriage. We read the book together, chapter by chapter and it has raised our awareness for each others’ different needs. Today, I will still say “let me earn a point by putting out the garbage.” Goes without saying that I found out, that the big ring with the big stone was far less important. My wife is very happy with something small, that has a significant meaning, such as when our children got born.

Enjoy Dave Asprey and John Gray talk about Addiction, Sexuality and ADD!

John talks about his getting rid of Parkinsons’ (caused by oxidative stress and lack of glutathion), why butter is healthy, how to manage your calcium, the importance lithium oratate, better than what is used in psychiatry,

They talk about Dr. Adkins, Hans Nieper’s discoveries, Doctor Revici’s sulphur selenium, to upregulate the receptor sites.

Also about how we need to take care of our dopamine receptors, by avoiding too many highs, and reset it back to normal levels on a regular basis.

And of course the difference between men and women, how women are going up and down much more than men. When your wife goes “crazy” – see it as a cloud that will pass. Their limbic system has 8x more blood flow to the limbic system. Key rule – do not try to fight or solve it.

How women’s blood sugar drops far faster, and then she gets hyper sensitive, remembering everything you did wrong – her cortisol will be up, feeling chased by a bear. Just make sure you feed her in the best way… Just a bit of nuts with some goji berries when she is a sugar burner (less a problem when she is a fat burner).

The “Dance” of estrogen and testosterone, and how it influences how men need to pull back after being really close and intimate, and a good metaphor for women to look at men as desert, and fill their life with other things they like to do. Like a rubber band, he will be back.

About John’s seminar on sex, which he developed after interviewing many women about what really satisfied them.

Glutathion – our major antioxidant, and how some OTC and prescription drugs bring it down to a dangerous level.

Listen to John’s 3 key tips on how to get to the highest level in life.

Egg coffee!


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