Cholesterol Breakthrough – nutritional panel admits they were WRONG about cholesterol

Cholesterol redeemed – we need it, and should not reduce it!

Finally – after 10 years of confusion, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the top nutrition panel in the US, has now admitted they were WRONG about cholesterol. They are still confused about saturated fat, though.

The knowledge, the science behind this has been known for over 10 years. It all started with flawed studies in the 60’s. Bureaucratic mills mill slowly.. In my humble opinion this is a great development – I wonder how long it is going to take until doctors get the message as well – and how are they going to put it into action?

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There will no doubt be a pull from the patient as well – when they get the message. Doctors can prepare for a hot time. What will the alternative be that they are going to suggest? No more statins? I think they have to start looking at the real cause of the problem – the most prominent for many chronic diseases – carbohydrates, sugar and co. who cause insulin resistance, leptin resistance, inflammation caused by belly fat, and a long tail of effects on the good and bad cholesterol.

Well documented in Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore. Check them out and start your path to health, now that there  is “permission” – or was it admission?

I will add relevant information shortly – I just wanted to bring this to your attention asap.

With a great thanks to Dr. Al Sears.

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