Hawai’i – latest developments in Pahoa – and how to stay healthy by stopping your own lava flow!

Hawai’i – latest developments in Pahoa – and how to stay healthy by stopping your own lava flow!

The lava flow continues slowly and steadily in Pahoa.

A good metaphor for our own subconscious patterns. The good news is – those can be stopped and changed, lava continues. Did you know that your subconscious paradigms are at the root of all your behavior? Including the behavior we see as health or disease? Joe Dispenza, in his book “You are the Placebo” describes clearly how our thinking influences our epigenetic makeup, and ultimately whether we transcribe DNA in a healthy or non-healthy way.

My motto – you are not a cat!
Cats follow a laser pointer relentlessly – they cannot think – and they are not the only animal with this characteristic…

Title: Animals chasing laser pointers – Funny animals compilation
Owner: Tiger Productions
We as humans are the only species with a conscious mind – with the ability to think independently from our old programming.

So, the question is – are we continuing to flow like lava, or are we ready to take on the challenge and re-direct our path to more health and happiness?
Joe’s book is an eye-opener. Particularly when you are confronted with chronic diseases, cancer, you want to know more about how to re-program your old thinking, even if you were not aware of it.
Awareness is where it all starts.

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