Counteracting Stress, Travel Effects, Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194

Counteracting Stress, Travel Effects, Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194


Are you a regular traveler? Do you have stress at work? Any family members with common “dis-eases” like high blood pressure? That this is for you.

My interest in Oxygen started with the Newsletter from Dr. Douglas in 2013. “Oxygen could reverse stroke damage” Digging deeper, I found sources in Amazon.  Stop Aging or Slow the Process: How Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) Can Help  relieve stress

Simply breathing oxygen while exercising is an inexpensive and effective way to deliver more oxygen to the body and thereby improve mental and physical health … Read More…

Oxygen to the Rescue: Oxygen Therapies and How They Help Overcome Disease, Promote Repair, and Improve Overall Function  reduce stress

Throughout the world-in China Japan Cuba Canada Russia and most of Europe-healing therapies using oxygen ozone and hydrogen peroxide have been common for treating a wide array of diseases including cancer HIV AIDS and arthritis … Read More…

Oxygen Multistep Therapy: Physiological and Technical Foundations  anti stress

A wide variety of illnesses including heart disease cancer circulatory disorders and mental illness are sometimes related to oxygen deficiencies … Read More…

Stress and related dis-eases cause oxygen levels in the blood (pO2) go down to 70% or 40%. restoring that under light exercise (EWOT) – Exercise with oxygen Therapy can reverse heart failure, emphysema, high blood pressure, the effects of immunization, rehabilitation of operations, chemotherapy, loud noises, recovery from marathon running,and improve Alzheimer’s, and many more dis-eases. Particularly stress is a culprit.

As written in Hans Selye’s book The Stress of Life  oxygen in blood

The Stress of Life is completely revised expanded and updated to reflect two decades of new research … Read More…

You know, the effects of the HPA axis and the effects of being exposed to adrenaline addiction are creating havoc in our bodies. This includes less oxygen in the blood. EWOT can restore that aspect – you still have to work on the root cause (start saying no!)

That was enough to get me started with Oxygen Therapy. The 2 things you need:

  1. Exercise machine – bike or treadmill
  2. Oxygen source

We had an old stationary bike at home, and I sourced the oxygen machine from the web. Best priced it came from Germany, made by the Dutch company Philips. The Everflow.  oxygen tank

So now you will find me regularly at home on the bike, 15-20 min with the oxygen line in the nose, reading a book while mildly exercising. So family members when they are under the water:


McNamara Fallacy example?

Typically, another example of the McNamara Phallacy. When you look at oxygen therapy, you find it for e.g. cancer patients in their last stages, like my father and mother when they were terminally ill with lung cancer. We measure – too little oxygen – so we give oxygen. We ignore the facts from Manfred von Ardenne who measured pO2 in blood of stressed and dis-eased people, and found you can do a lot to prevent things going worse, and even can reverse things. There is so much you can do to improve  your situation! Glad to see Dave Asprey’s podcast with Doctor Robyn Benson. Enjoy! Do let me know what you think! Bulletproof Radio Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194 Upgraded Self Radio was born out of a fifteen-year single-minded crusade to upgrade the human being using every available technology. It distills the knowledge of more than 120 world-class…

Read More…

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